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Sunday, October 17th 2010, 8:12pm

General Forum Rules Board Rules

As a member of this board you agree to not violate the following rules.

You also agree to not violate the Game Forge Terms & Conditions.

Violating any of these rules may result in permanent ban from the board as well as IRC. Heavy misuse that require legal action will fall under German law.

Our rules are divided into Major and Minor rules. Minor rules are not as heavy rule breaches as Major once. Major rule breaches , can result into an immediate ban.

Minor = -!-
Major = -x-

Section I: General Board & Posts

Board 1- Major -x-

  1. Every User may register only one account. Creating multiple accounts is not permitted and will result in all multiple accounts being permanently banned and the main account being warned. -x- In case there are multiple users connecting from the same IP please contact the Board Administrator prior to avoid problems with multiaccounting.
  2. Your Account is yours and yours alone, meaning you are responsible for all actions taken by your account at all times. -x-
  3. Always treat other users with respect. This includes but is not limited to insults and foul language. -x-
  4. Always treat the Wizard101 staff with respect. Insults or publicly contradicting a staff member is not allowed. -x-
  5. Advertising of competitive Forums and/or Games other than Gameforge in any way is not permitted. -x-
  6. Threats of any kind will not be tolerated. -x-
  7. Posting links to anything illegal or inappropriate is forbidden. This includes but is not limited to: pornography , extreme political views , cracks, hacks, scamming sites, so called ''bite links'' or copyrighted material without the owners explicit permission. -x-
  8. Profanity is not allowed , this includes but is not limited to attempting to circumvent board filters with words like F*** , sh1t (leet speaking) -x-
  9. Posting for a banned user or allowing a banned user to access your forum account is not allowed and will result in the immediate ban of said account. -x-
  10. Ban discussions are not allowed on the board. Any questions regarding bans or warnings are to be dealt with through the support system. -x-
  11. Flaming and trolling is not allowed. This also includes protest posts and petitions to have staff members fired. Such will result in an immediate warning & possible ban. If you have a problem with any staff member please follow the chain of command to complain as written in Section IV. Guidelines. -x-
  12. Harassment of staff members , current or former , is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to trying to get team specific information , stalking or making a staff member feel uncomfortable (including sexually) -x-
  13. Harassing other users is not allowed. If you feel harassed by another member of this community please contact a Super Moderator , Board Administrator or Team Manager. -x-
  14. Requesting other users to break any given Rule is forbidden. -x-
  15. The posting of messages , screen shots , emails or conversations without the consent of all involved parties is forbidden. This includes , but is not limited to all forms of in game and external communication such as; game chat, MSN , IRC, PM ect. -x-
  16. The posting of personal data about others is not allowed, this includes but is not limited to; real names, e-mail addresses , home addresses , ect. Attempting to reveal (correctly or otherwise) staff member's player accounts is also not allowed. -x-
  17. The Impersonation of any Staff or it's members is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to; Usernames, Avatars , signatures ect. -x-
  18. It is not allowed to offer or ask for any products or services for real money . This includes but is not limited to in game items or accounts. -x-
Board 2 - Minor -!-

  1. Every User is requested to write in a way that reflects normal written language. This means don't use excessive amount of smilies , extreme font size or colors. -!-
  2. The Language of this Board is English. Any other language is not permitted , unless stated otherwise by a Board Administrator or Superior. This includes but is not limited to ; texts together with a translation into English , Avatars, Signatures ect. In the Turkish section both English and Turkish are allowed.
  3. Posting of controversial, irrelevant issues is not allowed and may result in the post or thread being censored and/or closed. -!-
  4. Threads or posts that only are of interest to the thread starter/poster are not allowed. -!-
  5. ''Backseat Modding'' is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to; users posting like a Moderator saying (unless he/she is the thread starter) ''Thread Closed''. -!-
  6. Opening multiple threads with same topic/for the same content is not allowed. Please always use the search before you open a new thread. -!-
  7. Spamming it not allowed -!- : - I - Spam /advertisements and meaningless posts) is not allowed. This means messages that don't contribute to the topic, messages containing less than 7 words or messages containing nothing but smilies. Spam can also include replying or reacting to spam posts. -!-
  8. Creating a new thread after a moderator has previously closed one is not permitted. If your thread has been closed you may contact the moderator in question to explain his/her reasons and ask for reopening. -!-

Section II : Signatures & Avatars

  1. A signature may not contain more than 10 lines of text, including whitespace, if no image is being used in the signature
  2. A signature may not contain more than 5 lines of text, including whitespace, if an image is being used in the signature
  3. An image within the signature may not be larger than 530px in length, 250px in height and 60kb total.
  4. The general Board Rules apply for the signatures too. -x- -!-
  5. Staff members may have larger signatures.
  6. Avatars may have a maximum size of 150x150px
  7. The Team got the right to change/remove Avatars and/or Signatures of users if found necessary without prior warning.
Section III: Guidelines -!-

  1. Some sub forums have their own rules, please read them before posting there. You can find these rules as ''sticky posts'' in the sub forums itself.
  2. Personal discussions are not permitted in any section but the After School section.
  3. If you want to create a new thread to ask a question, or about a particular topic , please use the Search function first. Searching for keywords may help you locate an existing thread on a topic. Threads created for the same purpose as a previous thread will be closed.
  4. The report function should only be used when there is a rule breach. Abusing or misusing the report function is not allowed.
  5. Double posting is not allowed. If you wish to add something to your post you can either use the 'edit' button, or if the time where editing to your post is possible has past you can ask a moderator to edit it for you. An exception to this guideline is if a question has still been unanswered, you may ''Bump'' that thread, but maximum 1 time a day.
  6. When replying to an existing thread make sure you have read through it all before doing so. You could find that somebody has , or clarified, the exact same issue you were about to post.
  7. When opening a new Thread please read through the forum descriptions to make sure you write it in the appropriate forum. Also please make sure you give your thread an accurate topic so other users can later on find it through the search easily. (Thread topics like ''Look at this'' , ''Great stuff'' should be avoided)

Section IV: Interpretations and Appeals

  1. Threads/Posts can be removed or closed pending investigation by the moderator team.
  2. Users who are in the opinion of being warned for a wrong reason or without a reason should first contact the moderator in question. If you are not satisfied you create a ticket at our support. If the Board Administrator judges that a user has been mistreated he can remove the ban and/ or warning.
  3. The Team holds the right to change the board rules if needed.
  4. Exceptions to any rule, sanction can be made if judged necessary.

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Friday, March 29th 2013, 12:16am

I'd like to take a moment to remind users to take note of Section II : Signatures & Avatars esp these areas:


1.A signature may not contain more than 10 lines of text, including whitespace, if no image is being used in the signature
2.A signature may not contain more than 5 lines of text, including whitespace, if an image is being used in the signature
3.An image within the signature may not be larger than 530px in length, 250px in height and 60kb total.

A large number of users break at least one of these rules. Please edit your signatures appropriately. Starting in April I will start removing signatures that don't comply with the board rules.

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